This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database, sorted by their last names. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Surname Given Name Birth Death Partner Parents
<absent>     Lewis, Glenn  
      Lewis, Shannon  
      Lewis, Katie  
  Emmy       Lewis, Katie
  Jeanne     Torok, George  
  Julie     Malik, Craig Roy  
  Julie     Torok, William  
  Lissa     Vagi, Edward  
  Mitzi about 1922 about 2018 Geller, Irving  
  Olivia Rose       Lewis, Shannon
  Ruth     Vagi, Robert  
  Sharon     Malik, Scot  
Ballentyne Christine     Lewis, Michael  
Boe Carol 1902   Malik, James George  
Cabral Aubree 2013-12-11     Cabral, Matt Gibb, Allison Noel
  Hudson James 2017-07-26     Cabral, Matt Gibb, Allison Noel
  Matt     Gibb, Allison Noel  
Camilo     Torok, Natalie  
Cooper Thomas 1970-09-09   Malik, Tracey Michelle  
Csorgo Mary about 1904 about 1988 Malik, Jonas  
Feader Andrew     Lewis, Jessica  
Finlay     McCormick, James Hattrick  
Gagne Emiliegh 2000-07-10     Gagne, Steve Malik, Rebecca
  Shelby 2003-04-22 2006-07-09   Gagne, Steve Malik, Rebecca
  Steve 1975-06-27   Malik, Rebecca  
Gal Elizabeth Nagy, Gabriel Gal, Gabor Szabo, Terez
  Gabor     Szabo, Terez  
Geller Irving   , Mitzi  
  Victoria     Torok, William Geller, Irving , Mitzi
Gibb Allison Noel 1987-12-13   Cabral, Matt Gibb, James Nairn, Lisa
  Barbie 1968-06-06     Gibb, Roger Vagi, Margy
  James 1970-07-04   Nairn, Lisa Gibb, Roger Vagi, Margy
  Joshua 1996-05-01     Gibb, James Nairn, Lisa
  Roger   2011-02-12 Vagi, Margy  
Jones Gabrielle 2009-07-29     Jones, Gavin Malik, Melanee Lynne
  Gavin     Malik, Melanee Lynne  
  Sophie 2011-03-04     Jones, Gavin Malik, Melanee Lynne
Korim Kelly       Korim, Robert Nagy, Kimberley
  Robert     Nagy, Kimberley  
Kovacs Anna 1879 1958 Nagy, Gabor Kovacs, Medard Vasas, Anna
  Medard     Vasas, Anna  
Lewis Glen 1926-03-17   Malik, Rose  
  Glenn     Lewis, Glen Malik, Rose
  Jessica     Feader, Andrew Lewis, Michael Ballentyne, Christine
  Katie     Lewis, Glenn
  Michael     Ballentyne, Christine Lewis, Glen Malik, Rose
  Shannon     Lewis, Michael Ballentyne, Christine
Malik Anne Malvina 1926-07-21 2017-12-10 Torok, George Malik, Jonas Csorgo, Mary
  Autumn       Malik, Scot , Sharon
  Claire       Malik, Craig Roy , Julie
  Craig Roy 1976-09-21   , Julie Malik, Elmer Jonas Roy, Kathy
  Elmer Alexander 1924-03-10 2006-12-09 Nagy, Theresa Malik, Jonas Csorgo, Mary
  Elmer Jonas 1947-11-13   Roy, Kathy Malik, Elmer Alexander Nagy, Theresa
  Ethan 2003-01-13     Malik, Scot , Sharon
  James George 1951-05-05   Boe, Carol, Wittingham, Becky Malik, Elmer Alexander Nagy, Theresa
  Jonas about 1900 about 1953 Csorgo, Mary  
  Lynda 1961-11-17   McCormick, William Finlay Malik, Elmer Alexander Nagy, Theresa
  Mary   Malik, Jonas Csorgo, Mary
  Melanee Lynne 1980-12-28   Jones, Gavin Malik, Elmer Jonas Roy, Kathy
  Rebecca 1975-06-19   Gagne, Steve Malik, James George Boe, Carol
  Richard     Malik, Elmer Alexander Nagy, Theresa
  Rose     Lewis, Glen Malik, Jonas Csorgo, Mary
  Scot 1973-09-19   , Sharon Malik, James George Boe, Carol
  Tracey Michelle 1974-06-27   Cooper, Thomas Malik, Elmer Jonas Roy, Kathy
McCormick Heather Ashlee 1987-04-20     McCormick, William Finlay Malik, Lynda
  James Hattrick 1917-03-07 1970-04-30 Finlay  
  William Finlay 1954-02-02   Malik, Lynda McCormick, James Hattrick Finlay
  William Ryan 1984-08-23     McCormick, William Finlay Malik, Lynda
Nagy Betty 1920-09-08 2011-02-28 Vagi, Steve Nagy, Gabriel Gal, Elizabeth
  Gabor 1871 1957 Kovacs, Anna Nagy, Gabor Peter, Burbala
  Gabor     Peter, Burbala  
  Gabriel about 1897 Gal, Elizabeth Nagy, Gabor Kovacs, Anna
  Gabriel Robert 1935-01-31 2012-08-24 Sandor, Barbara Nagy, Gabriel Gal, Elizabeth
  Karen       Nagy, Gabriel Robert Sandor, Barbara
  Kimberley     Korim, Robert Nagy, Gabriel Robert Sandor, Barbara
  Robin       Nagy, Gabriel Robert Sandor, Barbara
  Theresa 1923-04-08 2014-08-04 Malik, Elmer Alexander Nagy, Gabriel Gal, Elizabeth
Nairn Lisa estimated 1972-01-09   Gibb, James  
Peter Burbala     Nagy, Gabor  
Roy Kathy 1952-11-22   Malik, Elmer Jonas  
Sandor Barbara     Nagy, Gabriel Robert  
Stoynoff Kathryn       Stoynoff, Richard Torok, Maryann
  Mark       Stoynoff, Richard Torok, Maryann
  Nicole       Stoynoff, Richard Torok, Maryann
  Richard     Torok, Maryann  
Szabo Terez     Gal, Gabor  
Torok Adam       Torok, George , Jeanne
  Erika 1975     Torok, William Geller, Victoria
  George   Malik, Anne Malvina  
  George     , Jeanne Torok, George Malik, Anne Malvina
  Jason       Torok, William , Julie
  John     Malik, Mary
  Jonas       Torok, William , Julie
  Lisa       Torok, George , Jeanne
  Maryann     Stoynoff, Richard Torok, George Malik, Anne Malvina
  Nancy       Malik, Mary
  Natalie     Camilo Torok, William Geller, Victoria
  Peter       Malik, Mary
  Rosemarie       Malik, Mary
  Steven       Malik, Mary
  William   Geller, Victoria, , Julie Torok, George Malik, Anne Malvina
Vagi Amanda 1975-03-08     Vagi, Robert , Ruth
  Edward 1942-10-20   , Lissa Vagi, Steve Nagy, Betty
  Margy 1941-01-15   Gibb, Roger Vagi, Steve Nagy, Betty
  Michael 1975-02-06     Vagi, Edward , Lissa
  Racheal 1983-12-02     Vagi, Robert , Ruth
  Robert 1947-08-04   , Ruth Vagi, Steve Nagy, Betty
  Stacey 1971-05-28     Vagi, Robert , Ruth
  Steve 1918-11-12 Nagy, Betty  
Vasas Anna     Kovacs, Medard  
Wittingham Becky     Malik, James George